Reading Books and More Books

First off – Sandbox Radio’s show “The Big One” that I had the pleasure of reading at is up now to listen too. Check it out here!

Hey! It’s 2016. A new year, a new you? For me New Year’s Eve is my favorite holiday. I love all the enjoy and fresh feeling behind it. However I hate how much pressure people put on the night. It has to be the best. It has to be flawless. Well, I had a blast this year! I went to a wedding, which was absolutely beautiful and full of love. Then went out dancing until about 4 in the morning with my dad of all people. It was one for the books.

Now I am back in Los Angeles which means being back to grinding. Writing, networking, and of course reading. Lots and lots of reading. I got some great books for Christmas that I can’t wait to crack up. I am still posting my goofy little book reviews on my other blog The New Blog On The Block. Most recent is actor’s Jesse Eisenberg’s book “Bream Gives Me Hiccups & Other Stories.” Read my thoughts here.


Power Couples

I have a lot to say. I sometimes like to think as a writer I get paid to inspire people and get paid to shit talk. But more importantly I write to keep sane. Posted a piece I wrote a long time ago and had no where to post it so I thought I would post it on my own blog. Why not right?


Check it out! The New Power Couples

Tender Moments


I got stickers! To celebrate my new blog and I wrote a “book review.” A writer who writes book reviews? I know, go figure.




I’m really into blogging. But I am starting to think people don’t understand my humor. You guys know I barely can speak English but I am fluent in sarcasm, right?

There isn’t a font yet for sarcasm (yet) but thankful there are emojis to help me out when I am texting. But with blogging, blogging it’s harder. Just know I blog and write to share my views and outlooks on the world while trying to make the reader laugh.

We need to worry less, laugh more, and eat what we want.

Five Things I am in Love With Right Now

I haven’t been feeling to inspired but have been surrounded by amazing inspiriting things. Here are a few of them:

5. Elementary
It’s your typical detective, cliche at times and sometimes rather predictable but I am a huge Lucy Liu and Sherlock Holmes fan. (Cumberbatch is still the best.) Currently binge watching it when I should be over more productive activities. On Hulu.

4. “Modern Romance” by Aziz Ansari
I’ve been reading the book as a form of research for my own stories. I’ve already read it once, in less then two days, now reading it to take notes. It’s brilliant! Sometimes too honest.41LaBpUJBHL

3. Hamilton on Broadway
I haven’t seen the show but I would love too! Thankful you can listen to the soundtrack on NPR here. I am a huge hip hop kid but Hamilton?! This show proves me wrong.

2. KAMAU (ofTheHue-Men)
Kamau is ahead of the game when it comes to music; he’s going places. Just wait and see. Me and him have become buddies thanks to Twitter. Can’t wait for his EP to come out. Until then enjoy Jusfayu ft. No Wyld or Moon.

1. Talks about College
Now. I didn’t go to college but in last Sunday’s New York Times they did a whole special on higher educated which got me inspired to share my personal story with college. What I love and hate about it.

Keep on Keeping On

Currently in Seattle, headed to LA shortly. Now, I’ve been MIA for many reasons. Being busy, being me, and what not. The MAIN reason is back in June I was hit by a car while on my bike so I haven’t been able to write, too busy rehabbing.

But for the updates.

-Bumbershoot was this weekend. I was jumping around with a press pass as well as hosting the 2nd Annual Battle of The Word Poetry Slam.

-Various random articles are up on FRANK151 as well. Subject matter from Trump, Frank OceanRachel Dolezal, That NEW Irish Pride, and the most topical subject matter Idris as James Bond (& other comical relief)

-This evening I will be hosting the Seattle Poetry Slam. So come through and kick it!

Til next time.

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What I Can’t Tell.

I mean this with every fiber of my being: I do not believe “writer’s block.”


However lately I have been really rethinking my stance on the subject. I just haven’t been able to really produce anything. I am running low on time with a bunch of different deadlines. But even with the days nearly to an end; I can’t seem to be productive. The only time I ever get any work done is super late at night. (Like right now for example.)

My muse is kind of a brat in that way. Always bothering me when I am trying to sleep but seems to be far too busy to visit me during normal daylight hours.

However I was able to write a “book review” about Kim Kardashian’s book of selfies, compiled a list of summer movies for you to check out, and even got to feature an interview I did awhile back with my friend and mentor Hollis Wong-Wear!

Alright. I’ve been somewhat product but still! These three screenplays aren’t going to write themselves. Well! That’s it for now. Catch back to read more of my rants.

AND AS ALWAYS you can still keep up with me in “real time” via facebookInstagramtwitter and the good old tumblr.

Filling in the Gaps!

So much has happened. So much is going on. So. Why not fill in all those gaps, shall we?

I will hosting the Seattle Poetry Slam Finals this Saturday May 2nd in Seattle at Town Hall

I had the honored and privilege of being interviewed by Theatrical Mustang which you can listen HERE!

I’ve written a lot of new pieces for FRANK151. Oh yeah. A lot of shit talking that I think you might enjoy. A piece about mid-education of music, BuzzFeed, JCole’s Puppy Love, and sadly the LAST Tinder Tale.

But as always you can still keep up with me in “real time” via facebook, Instagram, twitter and the good old tumblr.

I Wrote This!

Hey Guys!

Friendly reminder that I will be Seattle for the Youth Speaks Seattle Finals Slam AND The Hugo House Chuckanut Writers Conference reading.

I am also writing to talk about well writing! My lovely and very supportive family at Hedgebrook asked me to write something for the blog. It’s about… well, it’s hard to describe what the piece is about. I know! Read it! Than of course – share it!



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Congrats to myself & keeping it moving

Hello World!

For those who have been following my journey (being an awesome and humbling support system for me – I thank you from the bottom of my heart) I heard back from Sundance Screenwriters Lab; they said no. But it’s all good.

Don’t get me wrong – I am super bummed! But I came to terms awhile back that a yes or a no are both positive outcomes. I mean I wrote a whole screenplay, got to the 2nd round of the screenwriter’s lab, halfway finished with my third script and now writing a play. Since moving to LA I’ve met so many great people, I’ve taken my self more serious as a writer/comedian, and still going strong. I have a good vibe about Sundance passing on me and my epic ass story. (Their lost – Bye Felicia!) I have a feeling that their is a bigger and maybe even better opportunity in store for me real soon.

One No equals four Yes’s in the future.

Make art, do what you love, and give no fucks. xo