Reading Books and More Books

First off – Sandbox Radio’s show “The Big One” that I had the pleasure of reading at is up now to listen too. Check it out here!

Hey! It’s 2016. A new year, a new you? For me New Year’s Eve is my favorite holiday. I love all the enjoy and fresh feeling behind it. However I hate how much pressure people put on the night. It has to be the best. It has to be flawless. Well, I had a blast this year! I went to a wedding, which was absolutely beautiful and full of love. Then went out dancing until about 4 in the morning with my dad of all people. It was one for the books.

Now I am back in Los Angeles which means being back to grinding. Writing, networking, and of course reading. Lots and lots of reading. I got some great books for Christmas that I can’t wait to crack up. I am still posting┬ámy goofy little book reviews on my other blog The New Blog On The Block. Most recent is actor’s Jesse Eisenberg’s book “Bream Gives Me Hiccups & Other Stories.” Read my thoughts here.


Power Couples

I have a lot to say. I sometimes like to think as a writer I get paid to inspire people and get paid to shit talk. But more importantly I write to keep sane. Posted a piece I wrote a long time ago and had no where to post it so I thought I would post it on my own blog. Why not right?


Check it out! The New Power Couples

Tender Moments


I got stickers! To celebrate my new blog and I wrote a “book review.” A writer who writes book reviews? I know, go figure.




I’m really into blogging. But I am starting to think people don’t understand my humor. You guys know I barely can speak English but I am fluent in sarcasm, right?

There isn’t a font yet for sarcasm (yet) but thankful there are emojis to help me out when I am texting. But with blogging, blogging it’s harder. Just know I blog and write to share my views and outlooks on the world while trying to make the reader laugh.

We need to worry less, laugh more, and eat what we want.

Said I would do it, so, I did it.

Photo Oct 08, 3 39 55 PM

Started a new blog. Goal? To post every day. Reality? Every other day. But I’ve always been someone who starts off really, really, really, strong.

I am charming and always have shown great promise.

Check it out: the new blog on the block.