Five Things I am in Love With Right Now

I haven’t been feeling to inspired but have been surrounded by amazing inspiriting things. Here are a few of them:

5. Elementary
It’s your typical detective, cliche at times and sometimes rather predictable but I am a huge Lucy Liu and Sherlock Holmes fan. (Cumberbatch is still the best.) Currently binge watching it when I should be over more productive activities. On Hulu.

4. “Modern Romance” by Aziz Ansari
I’ve been reading the book as a form of research for my own stories. I’ve already read it once, in less then two days, now reading it to take notes. It’s brilliant! Sometimes too honest.41LaBpUJBHL

3. Hamilton on Broadway
I haven’t seen the show but I would love too! Thankful you can listen to the soundtrack on NPR here. I am a huge hip hop kid but Hamilton?! This show proves me wrong.

2. KAMAU (ofTheHue-Men)
Kamau is ahead of the game when it comes to music; he’s going places. Just wait and see. Me and him have become buddies thanks to Twitter. Can’t wait for his EP to come out. Until then enjoy Jusfayu ft. No Wyld or Moon.

1. Talks about College
Now. I didn’t go to college but in last Sunday’s New York Times they did a whole special on higher educated which got me inspired to share my personal story with college. What I love and hate about it.