Dope Women Doing Dope Shit.

Oh hey 2016! So far so good. Yeah, I get it’s only two weeks in but I am loving it so far. So many wonderful things are happening in my life but in better news, great things are happening to my friends!

For example:

My girl Reina is a designer and tastemaker from Seattle whose gender-neutral kids clothing line, même, is taking off! Like these kids are stuntin’ harder then most adults. I can’t wear any of the clothes (because I am not a kid, sadly) but these prints are my favorite.

My mentor and long time friend Hollis Wong-Wear  is the lead singer of the band Flavr Band and they are just heading out on spring 2016 tour. Check below to see Love Notes Tour is coming to a city near you. I promise you do NOT want to miss them.12507384_952270174863692_3999316013714084144_n


In 2013 I headed out on #TheGoodFeelingsTour with good friend Mary Lambert. Now it’s three years later… Oh! How time flies. It’s been an absolute pleasure knowing Mary and seeing her grow. She’s been through hell and back, so humble, a massive goof ball and a bright light. Check out her newest music video here.