Currently, as of, right now.

Oh. What up world?! Been awhile, right? Like a minute or so. Like I should already have my second book bone. Like I should be writing it right now…


NOPE! Instead – I’ll updated y’all lovely people.

I’ve been writing for Frank 151 (two article: Tinder Tales Part ONE & The Drake Phenomenon) which has been so much & an honor. Still, for the moment at least, I am doing that LA living. Which has been a whirl wind adventure. Full of strange & crazy events. Endless inspiration and of course heavy bricks of writer’s block. But alas, for the most part; I’m golden.

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Being here in LA I’ve grown a lot and yet still very aware I have a lot more growing to do. Been working a whole list of projects: the GIRL Project, #howtoloveanartist, Hella Adult, music moment with my mom & of course where I eat my way through LA’s ice cream shops with #RoseLovesIceCream. Follow down the rabbit hole. Let’s see where this shit goes.


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First off – Happy Holidays AND Happy New Year! Hope everyone had a great time. I know this time of year is super magical and amazing but also overwhelming. But guess what you got through it. Now write about. Write as much as you can. Now – NEWS

Guess who is going to Google? THIS POET.


I am so excited and honored. I have the absolute pleasure of doing a Google Talk on the campus on February 13th! I am working out what brilliant mistakes I will be presetting the lovely people of Google. But I promise you it will be entertaining as hell! There will be poetry, laughs, awkward pauses, and I promise to wear a pair of great leggings.

So people of Google or Bay area friends – Help Spread the word! More information soon.

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