My Google talk is up and running! I am too nervous to wake it myself. So please – watch it for me! Make sure to comment, share, and enjoy!


First off – Happy Holidays AND Happy New Year! Hope everyone had a great time. I know this time of year is super magical and amazing but also overwhelming. But guess what you got through it. Now write about. Write as much as you can. Now – NEWS

Guess who is going to Google? THIS POET.


I am so excited and honored. I have the absolute pleasure of doing a Google Talk on the campus on February 13th! I am working out what brilliant mistakes I will be presetting the lovely people of Google. But I promise you it will be entertaining as hell! There will be poetry, laughs, awkward pauses, and I promise to wear a pair of great leggings.

So people of Google or Bay area friends – Help Spread the word! More information soon.

Also – make sure to keep updated on my adventures: (Links below)

Queen of The Guttersnipes