Dope Women Doing Dope Shit.

Oh hey 2016! So far so good. Yeah, I get it’s only two weeks in but I am loving it so far. So many wonderful things are happening in my life but in better news, great things are happening to my friends!

For example:

My girl Reina is a designer and tastemaker from Seattle whose gender-neutral kids clothing line, même, is taking off! Like these kids are stuntin’ harder then most adults. I can’t wear any of the clothes (because I am not a kid, sadly) but these prints are my favorite.

My mentor and long time friend Hollis Wong-Wear  is the lead singer of the band Flavr Band and they are just heading out on spring 2016 tour. Check below to see Love Notes Tour is coming to a city near you. I promise you do NOT want to miss them.12507384_952270174863692_3999316013714084144_n


In 2013 I headed out on #TheGoodFeelingsTour with good friend Mary Lambert. Now it’s three years later… Oh! How time flies. It’s been an absolute pleasure knowing Mary and seeing her grow. She’s been through hell and back, so humble, a massive goof ball and a bright light. Check out her newest music video here.

Reading Books and More Books

First off – Sandbox Radio’s show “The Big One” that I had the pleasure of reading at is up now to listen too. Check it out here!

Hey! It’s 2016. A new year, a new you? For me New Year’s Eve is my favorite holiday. I love all the enjoy and fresh feeling behind it. However I hate how much pressure people put on the night. It has to be the best. It has to be flawless. Well, I had a blast this year! I went to a wedding, which was absolutely beautiful and full of love. Then went out dancing until about 4 in the morning with my dad of all people. It was one for the books.

Now I am back in Los Angeles which means being back to grinding. Writing, networking, and of course reading. Lots and lots of reading. I got some great books for Christmas that I can’t wait to crack up. I am still posting my goofy little book reviews on my other blog The New Blog On The Block. Most recent is actor’s Jesse Eisenberg’s book “Bream Gives Me Hiccups & Other Stories.” Read my thoughts here.


BUBBLY: 20% Off Your Tickets


The Big One is right around the corner! I am so happy to being going home for the holidays and super excited to be performing with Sandbox Radio at ACT Theater.

Haven’t gotten your tickets? No worries get them now and SAVE 20%.

Ela Barton Has An Event // “social media juice cleanse”

As an artist social media can just be too much. Well, this is true for people in general. That’s why sometimes you need step away from it. Case in point my dear friend Ela BartonEla has decided to take a three day social media juice cleanse meaning being MIA for three days.

Ela was a little worried since she has events she needs to prompt. So I thought; “Hey! Let me help you out. Promote your events while you’re gone.”

This is me doing that.

ELA HAS AN EVENT! On December 10th. Crosscut Arts Salon: Housing Affordability (It’s things like this that make me miss Seattle.) Here’s the show’s details (via Eventbrite)

“Crosscut’s curated Arts Salon series will feature artists who develop visual, film or performance art that explore key challenges in our community.
The first Arts Salon in this series will feature artists who have roots in the South Lake Union and Belltown area and who, through their work, performance and voice, will share the value of artists and art to the city, their experience living and working in the city, and visions for a creative future in the midst of development and a rise in housing costs. 

Enjoy complimentary appetizers and drinks before several artists take the stage including:

-Greg Lundgren, Seattle-based artist, author, filmmaker and entrepreneur, has strong roots in South Lake Union. Lundgren curates art installations with Vital 5 Productions, runs The Hideout and heads the alternative headstone movement at Lundgren Monuments. He will kick off the event with a history lesson on South Lake Union`s art scene.

– Ela Barton, Seattle-based slam poet champion and founder of Rain City Poetry Slam, will perform their “unapologetic, smart and sharp-tongued” (Seattle Gay News) work.

– Seattle-based artist Cathy McClure is known for her toy sculptures, while Alfred Harris will display his transluscent, fibrous, paper creations. Both will speak to creative affordable art space solutions.

We hope to see all of you there for this incredible line up of Seattle`s artistic minds!”

Grab your tickets HERE!

Power Couples

I have a lot to say. I sometimes like to think as a writer I get paid to inspire people and get paid to shit talk. But more importantly I write to keep sane. Posted a piece I wrote a long time ago and had no where to post it so I thought I would post it on my own blog. Why not right?


Check it out! The New Power Couples

Tender Moments


I got stickers! To celebrate my new blog and I wrote a “book review.” A writer who writes book reviews? I know, go figure.


Landed back in LA

I just got back from a week in New York. I wanted to stay longer because I forgot how much I loved that city. It’s full of so many beautiful people. Everyone has such great style and everyone carries them so well. Each person has like a 100 different stories. Some lies, some tall tales, some the truest thing you’ll ever hear.

But I am back in Los Angeles. So sadly no matter fall weather. No more layers. Back to tank tops and shorts and skirts. *sigh* I just want to wear a blanket and sweats all the time. Los Angeles doesn’t allow such behavior.

Been on top of things when it comes to that new blog. Check it out.



I’m really into blogging. But I am starting to think people don’t understand my humor. You guys know I barely can speak English but I am fluent in sarcasm, right?

There isn’t a font yet for sarcasm (yet) but thankful there are emojis to help me out when I am texting. But with blogging, blogging it’s harder. Just know I blog and write to share my views and outlooks on the world while trying to make the reader laugh.

We need to worry less, laugh more, and eat what we want.

Said I would do it, so, I did it.

Photo Oct 08, 3 39 55 PM

Started a new blog. Goal? To post every day. Reality? Every other day. But I’ve always been someone who starts off really, really, really, strong.

I am charming and always have shown great promise.

Check it out: the new blog on the block.

The New Blog

Photo on 9-13-15 at 7.13 AMI’ve recently been thinking about starting a new blog.

Yes. I have this one, however, this one is kind of my more professional. The “I am writer” blog. Where I update you, the awesome readers, about poetry and cool things I am doing. Or sharing the cool things other people are doing that I admire and like are doing.

And yes. I have The_Intern Archives but that seems like such a younger me. A different me. Not to mention that as of recent I am not longer an intern and the blog has become kind of a dumpsite for my Instagram photos. (Which my Instagram already does such a great job at.)

But a blog for my writing and interviews and pieces. I don’t know. But something.

Anyways, as always, I’ll keep y’all posted.