My family at Rain City Slam

Let me tell you about the ONLY all ages slam in Seattle: Rain City Slam

Rain City is an amazing poetry community, safe space, collective started by two of my dearest friend Ela Barten and Maya Hersh. It happens EVERY Wednesday at Scratch Deli. Sign ups for the open mic or slam are at 7:30 PM and the show starts 8:00 PM. I usually host but tonight I got on the mic to read a poem.

For those who know me and my slam poetry career know I’ve been competing for ten years and as of slam year I “retired.” I don’t know if I’ll ever pull a Jordan or Jay Z and come back. But for now I am happy hosting (and now know I enjoy jumping on the open mic if I feel like it)

BUT THE POINT IS Rain City is a great place for first timers. Come, kick it, listen, don’t share, or share. For more info, links below






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